Welcome to the North Carolina Mountain Central Office of Alcoholics Anonymous; AA. A Central Office, by AA tradition, exists primarily as a service organization and is often the first point of contact for many who believe they may have a drinking problem. NC MCO serves AA Districts 70, 71 and 80 which comprise much of western North Carolina. The office is funded and staffed entirely by local members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The board of directors meets on the second Thursday of each month at the office location. Every quarter local groups send representatives, central office reps or COR’s, to join the board in discussing ways to expand and improve areas of service by the office. These meetings are open to all interested AA members.

NC MCO has opportunities available to those wishing to serve as phone volunteers and to help out in the office during regular business hours. Please contact our office manager Pam for more information. 828-254-8539 or info@ncmco.net

             ******** LACK OF POWER IS OUR DILEMMA ******** 

Our office building suffered electrical damage from Hurricane Irma passing by Asheville. Through a series of complications the repairs are still on-going. The NCMCO Office will reopen as soon as power is restored to our wing of the building. We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing. 

***** Houston AA Hurricane Relief *****  A request has been issued by AA Intergroup Houston for Big Books, 12&12’s, etc. Here is a link for the Houston Intergroup with information concerning their specific needs and how you can help:   https://www.aahouston.org/index.php/4-documents/service-a-contribution    And here is a link with GSO guidelines for helping out in times of disaster such as has occurred in the Houston area:   https://www.aa.org/assets/en_US/smf-196_en.pdf   *****