12th Step Guidelines

The 12-Step Call is a vital part of your program of recovery ~ it is virtually the 12th Step. It is your personal way to help an active alcoholic by sharing your experience, strength and hope. Here are a few suggestions that experience have shown to be helpful. None of these are MUSTS, but each can make for a better 12-Step call. Please remember, ours is a program of attraction rather than promotion.

BE AVAILABLE to carry the message. CALL BACK PROMPTLY to arrange your visit. Be sure to get directions.

• NEVER, NEVER, NEVER go alone. ALWAYS get someone to go with you, preferably an AA member with more experience, if possible.

MEN with men, WOMEN with women, however in an extreme emergency a man/woman team may call on either.

• LOOK NEAT and presentable—you are representing recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous.

• BE PATIENT, compassionate, and LISTEN. SHARE freely of your experience—especially your feelings of loneliness, hopelessness and confusion before AA.

• EXPLAIN the three-fold aspect of the disease (physical, mental and spiritual), stressing that alcoholism is a PROGRESSIVE and often FATAL ILLNESS

• DETERMINE the willingness of the person to do something about his/her condition.

• SUGGEST taking action TODAY. Suggest a time to take this newcomer to a meeting.

• DISCUSS with the family what AA has to offer, and suggest ALANON or ALATEEN. Leave literature and a meeting list.

• IF YOU ARE WILLING, leave your phone number and encourage them to call you.

• PLEASE don’t make any promises you can’t keep.

• In case of EMERGENCIES—DT’s, convulsions, suicide threats or violence. CALL 911 and follow their directions—DON’T PANIC.

Printable 12th Step Call Brochure: Brochure12-Step-Call-How-To NCMCO – revised

Thank you to the Brevard County, FL Intergroup for permission to reprint some of their 12th step content.