What NC Mountain Central Office Does

Who better to describe what NC Mountain Central Office does than our office manager, so here in her words is is a list of what we – the staff, volunteers and Board members – do here at NCMCO:

  • Answer inquiries about Alcoholics Anonymous and meetings in WNC.  When calls come in from individuals looking for help, staff & volunteers contact AA members on the 12-step volunteer list which is maintained by the 12-step volunteer coordinator.  The 12-step volunteer is given the name & phone number of the caller seeking help.  (Names & numbers of AA members/volunteers are never given out.)  Individuals seeking help for problems other than alcohol are referred to the appropriate programs or agencies.
  • Coordinate with the answering service which handles calls after hours; provide the answering service with updated meeting information and list of 12-step volunteers.
  • Regularly update the meeting schedule, Where & When, and coordinate meeting information with the District 70’s ashevilleaa.org webmaster. Periodically check meeting information on websites maintained by Districts 71 & 80, following up on anything that is different from what we have listed.
  • Keep inventory of literature, chips and medallions to sell to groups and individuals – often packing and mailing items to those who can’t get into the office during the hours we are open – 10am-1pm, Mon. through Fri. – or leaving items outside the office for after-hours pickup.
  • Publish a monthly newsletter, Mountain Doin’s, to keep the AA community apprised of events and special articles of interest.  One printed copy is mailed free to each group; a digital version is emailed to anyone who requests it and it appears on the News & Events page of our website, aancmco.org. We are currently mailing out 120 copies each month, with several groups paying extra for additional copies.  We email the digital version to 375 addresses.
  • Work with the various District Committees (Treatment, Corrections, CPC/PI, Archives) and those in the community seeking information about AA.  Spread the word about local and national AA events, conventions and workshops and act as a clearinghouse for information and logistical support between individual AA members, groups, local and state committees, General Service Office in New York, and the community at large.  Store District 70 Archives.
  • Hold monthly Board meetings and quarterly COR (Central Office Representative) meetings to discuss Central Office business and provide a forum for suggestions and concerns. The meetings are open to all and we welcome new ideas and input.
  • Contributions and the small profit on sale of merchandise help pay for the following (for complete Profit & Loss statement, see the Mountain Doin’s which is posted each month on aancmco.org & ashevilleaa.org):

 o   Answering Service

o   Copier rental

o   Newsletter Editor

o   Office supplies

o   Payroll for Office Manager

o   Phone & Internet

o   Rent

o   Stamps/Postage

North Carolina Mountain Central Office – 70 Woodfin Place, Ste 206, Asheville 28801 – 828-254-8539 – info@ncmco.net

NCMCO, guided by the latest version of “GSO Guidelines: Internet,” shall 1) take reasonable and commonsense precautions and 2) employ discretionary practices that help protect BUT DO NOT GUARANTEE the online anonymity of A.A.s who may communicate and share information with NCMCO. NCMCO shall not share or publish any personally identifying information – full name; phone number; personal mailing address; personal email address; or personal website – in 1) its correspondence, 2) in the Mountain Doins’, or 3) on its Web site.’