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NCMCO prints a monthly Where & When; Alcoholics Anonymous Districts 70 and 80 maintain updated meeting lists on their respective websites. The District 70 site lists most of District 71 as well as Haywood County in District 80. Haywood County and the remaining western counties are listed on the District 80 website. NCMCO’s Where & When tries to incorporate all the District listings. If you are unable to find the information you seek on one site, please check the other. Links to each are provided below:

                District 70:

District 70 has a new, improved, awesome website! Still the same address – – but with a whole new look. (If you have trouble accessing the new site, you probably need to clear your history, otherwise it won’t work.) It is still a work in progress – all the meetings have to be entered one at a time – but each day more and more meetings are added and with the newer version you will be able to search by day, place, type, time, etc. In the meantime, for locations that do not yet show meetings, there is a pdf of the current Where & When meeting list. And there are meeting mobile apps for iOS and Android. Congratulations to the new webmaster. This has been a huge undertaking. Well done!

                  District 80:

District 80 is still in the process of creating a new website. The Meetings portion is complete and accurate. Other pages and information will follow. The district website address is as follows: 


NCMCO Where & When Printable PDF W&W – February 2018- updated 2-9-18

Printable Meeting Lists also available on both Dist 70 & 80 Websites


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The Birthday Plan 

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For many years, A.A. members have celebrated their sobriety by sending a contribution to the General Service Office. Your birthday (or anniversary) money helps to support G.S.O.’s services to members and groups throughout Canada and the U.S., to ensure that the A.A. message is carried around the world. The services that G.S.O. provides the A.A. groups cost more than $6 per member per year. Members customarily contribute $1, $2 or even $5 a year for each year of sobriety—others may give a penny or a nickel a day for each day of their sobriety.

You may request these Birthday Contribution Envelopes (FR-5) from G.S.O., for yourself or for your group, at no charge. (Reprinted from Box 4-5-9 Vol. 62, No.1 / Spring 2016) Birthday Contribution Envelopes are available for free at Central Office.

And we now have envelopes for Birthday/ Anniversary Contributions to the North Carolina Mountain Central Office! Stop by the Office to pick up envelopes for yourself or your group members. Or call us (828-254-8539) and we will mail envelopes to you. We thank all the A.A. members and groups who donate so generously!